What We Offer

Products Include

  • Traditional and Orthodox Style Cross Necklace
  • Tradional and Orthodox Cross Keychain which can be converted to a Medallion for a Cross Necklace.
  • Christian Inspirational Books!
  • Educational Materials
  • And More!

Truth+Order+ Love Holy Spirit Inspired Teaching Items
More than a Cross or Convertible Keychain Medallion Items include:

  • Holy Spirit Inscripted Traditional or Orthodox Cross
  • Holy Spirit Inscripted Tradional or Orthodox Covertible Keychain with ability to covert from Keychain to Medallion for Cross Necklace.

Each Cross or Keychain includes a Brochure describing the history of it's symbolism plus a Booklet titled Your Guide to Daily Decision Making which explains how to utilize Truth+Order+Love Teaching for all age groups: Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood and Senior life periods.


  • Holy Spirit Inspired Inscribed Wooden Cross Necklace (in your choice Traditional or Orthodox style), including Brochure and Booklet $12.95 + 5.05 S&H = 18.00
  • Holy Spirit Inspired Inscribed Keychain Cross, which converts to a Necklace Medallion, (in your choice of Traditional or Orthdodox style), including Brochure, Booklet, and Necklace Chain $12.95 + 5.05 S&H = 18.00
  • You can purchase both the Cross and Keychain for $30.00 (which includes S&H). This is a $6.00 savings.