A painting of moses holding the ten commandments.


A man sitting on top of rocks in the desert.


Born in 1942, the only child of blue collar factory working parents. Like George Bailey in the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”and Moses in “The Ten Commandments”, I thought in the 50’s that my destiny was planned. I would become an architect, a professional baseball player, achieve fame and fortune and marry a queen chosen by my parents. These fantasies failed to materialize and by 1965 left me angry at GOD feeling he betrayed me.

My personal life’s journey rebounded and in 1969 at the age of 26, I married a pretty young 19 year old religious girl to spend the rest of my life with. We have four children and thirteen grandchildren and live life as depicted in the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”.

In 1965, I began my entrepreneurial journey and onto the roadway of man and to experience 50+ years of the good, bad and ugly of that world revolving around money. Listen to Paul Harvey’s 1965 “If I were the Devil” which provides clarity. I became a multi-millionaire in real estate ownership and development. I was like Forest Gump in running 24/7 into one project after another. Although my GOD honoring projects provided me with many awards and a substantial amount of money it could not provide what I was searching for, like a lot of us. I eventually understand it through the Beatles song “Can’t Buy Me Love”.

I always felt I was more spiritual than religious. 1993 brought forth the acceleration of my spiritual enlightenment journey when the Holy Spirit answered my question as to why my purported born again Christian developer partner and I continued to have conflicts. The Holy Spirit provided me with Truth + Order + Love (TOL) that being the will of GOD and nature for us to adhere to on earth as it is in Heaven.

It’s our own mirror to look into and evaluate ourselves and others and a daily guide for decision making. By understanding our conflicting nature it led me to withdraw my partnership position in a major development project and sacrificing millions to be gained.

Since I am not recognized like that of a theologian, I have had a difficult time to get the TOL message listened to. In 2021 a pastor did tell me that Jesus’s disciples were ordinary people that were chosen. Thus, we all can take up the cross and become modern day disciples of Jesus. By 2016, my personal journey and entrepreneurial journey experienced major family health and financial setbacks. I like Moses, had to be broken and brought to my knees. March of 2016 lead me to my total commitment to my spiritual journey. Satan has continued to attack my family’s health and finances. I am no longer a millionaire. Now in my 80’s my mission is to serve GOD as my mission forward. What is being offered at the website is the gift that was provided to me. I believe it will change and enlighten you as to your life’s purpose as it has done for me. May GOD bless your three journeys.