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Truth+Order+Love Holy Spirit Inscripted Teaching Cross

The Cross offered at our online store is different than other Crosses. It has a unique circular design with an inscripted message provided Steve. By God's Holy Spirit. This Cross differs in that the message inscripted  on this Cross serves as guide to help individuals through the process of self-discovery, and daily decision making. Gods Truth+Order+Love message adds purpose and meaning to one’s life. The cross has a unique circular design and includes a dedicated Symbolism Brochure and Booklet explaining how to utilize them.

Enhancing Individual Faith

This high-quality Holy Spirit Inscripted Teaching Christian Cross is like no other.  It's not just stylish, its actually spiritual. It comes in the form of a necklace or a keychain that can be converted to a medallion necklace. It includes a Brochure that provides its user the story behind the creation of the teaching Cross and a Booklet that can be utilized as a guide  to 4 different periods of ones life:  Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood and Seniors to be utilized as a guide to transform their life to Truth + Order + Love. 

Truth + Order + Love

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