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Truth+Order+Love Holy Spirit Inscripted Teaching Cross

The Cross offered at our online store is different than other Crosses. It has a unique circular design with an inscripted message given Steve by God's Holy Spirit. This Cross differs in that the message on this Cross serves as a daily guide to help individuals through the process of self-discovery, and how God's Truth+Order+Love adds purpose and meaning to their life. It includes a Booklet explaining how to use it.

Enhancing Individual Faith

This high-quality Holy Spirit Inscripted Teaching Christian Cross is like no other.  It's not just stylish, its actually spiritual.  It comes in the form of a necklace or a keychain and can be converted to a medallion necklace. It includes a brochure that provides its user the story behind the creation of the teaching Cross and a booklet that can be utilized as a guide  to 4 different periods of ones life;  Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood and Seniors to follow how it can be used to guide and transform their life to Truth + Order + Love.  

Truth + Order + Love

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